Specific questions about a fit of a ring ?

If you  have specific questions about a fit of a ring, visit the Instructions Tab in the category Home / Size guide. For more information do not hesitate to contact us at <тук даваш контактите, или посочваш секцията>. We are at your disposal.

Мy jewel got broken! What to do?

In such occasion, don't hesitate to email us at contact@bijouterialena.com. We’ll be happy to help you! You can send us a photo to the broken piece, to facilitate the repairprocess.

Why one model  of jewellery can have a different price? What does it depend on?

The price of a jewel is defined by several components:

-At first place that is the model of jewellery - how complicated the model is  and how long the manufacture takes.

- Other important factor is the metal,  which is used for jewellery making / silver, gold or base metal /.

- Stones that are inlaid in the jewellery are very play important role in the jewel piece price. They could be precious, semi-precious, natural or  synthetic.


I want to order a piece of jewelry that is not available? How long,such kind of order,will normally take?

In order to purchase jewellery that is not available / usually  such jewels are in CUSTOM ORDER  category/ <тук изречението ми звучи незавършено> . Such orders usually take up to 10 days.Term for implementation can take up to ten days for that kind of orders.Please follow the standard steps to order, and we will provide you with feedback for the manufacture time frame. Note that  the form, the nuance, the size of the stones could introduce slight differences in that time frame. The same applies to the final look of  the particular jewel, as each piece is hand made by our team! If you want something special, like size or other color combinations, please email us via contact form .


I would like a jewel that is a combination of two or three models ....

Please contact via email  and describe  the desired combination. If you have additional preferences such a size or composition, please describe them in the form . We will be happy to satisfy your wishes!