How to care properly for your silver jewellеry?

Silver jewellery is made of silver with an alloy of copper. Both of these metals are getting darken over time and lose their beauty.  How to do it properly?

The black coating on the surface of silver jewellery, mainly is silver sulfide. To protect the silver from corrosion caused by sulphide, jewelry should not be exposed to moisture, high temperatures. It  is not good to wear silver jewelry while you sleep or when you are using cosmetics and household cleaning products.

When you are taking off your jewellery piece ,it is good to dry it using  a soft fabric, then you could put it in a plastic bag and push away maximum air from it. It is necessary, because the silver becomes dimmer even under simple contact with air, without the influence of additional chemicals. The best is every jewel to be kept separate from each other in a cool, dark and dry place.

Silver jewels  is recommended to be cleaned every few months. Taking off them is nice to wipe with soft  fabric. Do not use rude and abrasive fabrics, objects and other cleaners. If you want  to enjoy as long as possible to the beauty of your jewellery ,you  should trust to the  professional jewellеry care.